Connect people with knowledge, Research made more successful
Connect people with knowledge, 澳洲幸运8手机版开奖结果-开奖直播|澳洲8开奖直播手机版app Innovation made more effective
Funding Suggestions
Get the funding opportunity recommendations based on your profile. Use trend analysis and collaborator recommendation services to improve the success rate of fund applications.
Research Assistant
Create project groups to receive project output suggestions, use social network services to market project results so as to improve the completion rate of research projects.
Research Marketing
Like, share and discover research papers with peers and friends, use email or social network channels to let more potential readers know about the research outputs so as to increase the citation rate of research papers.
Technology Transfer
Use email or social network channels to let potential companies know the patent technologies, follow and contact the relevant companies to license and use patents so as to increase the conversion rate of patents.
澳洲幸运8手机版开奖结果 Join 8 million researchers and innovators
Leveraging big data and artificial intelligence technology
Improve efficiency of scientific research management, dissemination of achievements and technology transfer.
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