Top 50 Gifts for Photographers in 2022

April 27

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Do you have a friend, soul mate, or relative who is interested in photography? Or perhaps you want to please yourself?


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There is absolutely no need to give something at random - it is much wiser to choose a gift that will help them (or you) reach new heights in their hobby. By the end of 2022, we have compiled a list of fifty gifts for photographers for different occasions.

  • Gifts for Amateur Photographer
  • Gifts for Professional Photographer
  • Gifts for Phone Photographer
  • Cheap Gifts for Photographer
  • Christmas Gifts for Photographer
  • Birthday Gifts for Photographer

Gifts for Amature Photographer

Fast microSD memory card

What about gifts for amateur photographer? For example, if you often shoot videos in high definition (4K, 8K) on your camera or smartphone, then getting a fast microSD memory card is one of the top priorities. In particular, microSD memory cards boast high sequential write speeds. It is a technology that allows you to quickly record large amounts of data such as photos and videos. 

Photography backdrops

What about a beautiful background for your photos? This is especially important for bloggers who review cosmetics (although the full list of options for using this gift is much wider). All in all, this is one of the best gifts for photographers who need to maintain the personalized style in their photo.

Rainbow prism

Shimmer and rainbow are some of the most visually appealing effects in photography. A rainbow prism will help you create them, thanks to which your photos will definitely fall to the top! And yes, this is a fairly budget gift for the photographer, which means that you do not have to save up money to buy it.

Adobe Photoshop shortcuts keyboard cover

If you ask about fun gifts for photographers, be sure to remember this thing. It can be quite difficult for beginners to adapt to such sophisticated applications as Photoshop. To simplify this task, they will be helped by a cover for the keyboard with hotkeys. Thus, beginners will quickly fall into the category of true professionals!

Rogue Photographic Design 3-in-1 Flash Grid with 3-Gel Starter Kit

Photographers can use this tool with interchangeable, stackable mesh inserts for additional lighting or as the main light source. This accessory from our list of the coolest gifts for the amatuer photographer will be especially useful for portrait photography. Note that the package includes three different colored gels that will help you create color effects.

Bokeh Masters kit

This is an interesting gift for photographers who want to create cute, sentimental shots. With this set, they will be able to add fun elements such as hearts, stars, and butterflies to the main photo objects.

Bottle cap tripod

Instead of buying an ordinary tripod, you may find it much more convenient to mount your camera to a water bottle! Such a non-standard accessory from our list of the best gifts for the photographer will definitely come in handy for travelers.

100 photographs that changed the world

To finish our top of the best gifts for a new photographer, let’s recall the Bible that inspires and helps to rethink your perception of this art form. We are sure, this gift will help your boyfriend or girlfriend achieve world fame!

Gifts for Professional Photographer

Magnetic photo rope

Modern advances in digital technology can now be easily combined with what was created decades ago. For example, for a spectacular presentation of your photo exhibition, you can use this cable by attaching photos to it with magnets. By the way, this is a much better solution than using scotch tape.

Photography winter gloves / mittens

If you live in cold climates, for outdoor photography you will definitely need an accessory that will keep your hands warm without interfering with your camera. Note that in addition to excellent tactile characteristics, mittens or gloves must be waterproof.

Black Widow Box set

Where do you plan to keep your camera while you work? As practice shows, the neck strap is not the only existing option. In particular, for some reason, it may be much more convenient to fasten it on a belt - as it happens with a holster for a weapon. By the way, this holster is much safer for photographers who work in crowded places.

Waterproof camera case 

How do you feel about extreme shooting? If so, you will definitely have to take care of the safety of your camera in case of splashing water on it. For example, you can treat yourself to a high-quality waterproof case that will serve as reliable protection for your device.

GoPro accessories

Another best gifts for a photographer of extreme lifestyle are GoPro accessories. They will help to significantly optimize the shooting process, even in the most inconvenient conditions.

Photography blind for animal and bird photography

We think this is a great gift for wildlife photographers. Instead of scaring the surrounding fauna, you can seamlessly blend in and take cool pictures.

PhotoMemo book

Do you shoot with a film camera? In this case, without additional tools, it will not be easy for you to organize the process of photographing. For example, you might find the PhotoMemo book useful for recording workflow parameters. Here you will keep a record of the technical information about each used roll of film and thus organize your work properly.

Custom camera strap

If your style is important to you even during the work process, the original leather camera strap as one of the best gift ideas for a photographer will definitely be worth your attention. It is much more convenient to use than synthetic alternatives and created by hand.

360-degree electric rotating turntable

This exciting accessory will greatly expand your photography options and open up new perspectives for future projects. The special design of the table will provide a secure fixation of the camera, which means that you do not need an additional tripod in order to take the desired angle. 

Gifts for Phone Photographer

Portable studio

We suggest you pay attention to another item on our list of the best creative photography gifts - a foldable portable photo studio. Equipped with built-in LED lights, this accessory will provide a stable source of bright light and optimize your handheld shooting experience.

Pictar Mark II smartphone camera grip

There are many smartphone grips on the market, but not all of them can be proud of their excellent performance. If you are looking for one of the best personalized gifts for photographers of the current year, be sure to check out Pictar devices. Here you will find trivial functionality and also try out a number of advanced features.

Lomography Smartphone Scanner

If your friend takes pictures with a 35mm camera, he or she will definitely like this gadget. In particular, with the Lomography Smartphone Scanner, photographers can quickly digitize color negatives, slides, and even black and white film.

Flash drive for smartphones

Flash drives are perhaps not the most extraordinary, but very useful and practical photo gift ideas that will definitely not be idle. All you need is to decide on the amount of memory and choose a manufacturer in a suitable price segment.

Luxi for All Light Meter

Luxi Compact Light Meter, being one of the best gifts for beginner photographers, allows them to organize the right lighting for any kind of filming. This accessory connects directly to the smartphone and launches a free app that optimizes lighting exposure.

Portable solid-state drive

If you do not want to store all your pictures on a flash drive and are looking for something more reliable and capacitive, you should definitely pay attention to portable SSDs. So, they can be considered as soIf you do not want to store all your pictures on a flash drive and are looking for something more reliable and capacitive, you should definitely pay attention to portable SSDs. So, they can be considered as some of the best gifts for photographer friends for keeping large volumes of media files safe.

The case for memory cards

If you store data on memory cards, you may know how often they can get lost. To provide the safety of these compact devices, use the specialized storage case.

Ring light for phone camera

This is another good gadget that provides even lighting. It is noteworthy that this particular accessory is intended for use with smartphones. Thus, you can reproduce studio footage without expensive specialized equipment.

SmugMug annual subscription

Finally, please your loved one with an annual SmugMug subscription, where he or she can store unlimited photos and share them with other Internet users. By the way, this account can also be used for commercial purposes! 

Cheap Gifts for Photographer

National Geographic subscription

As you may know, National Geographic is the world's most famous and authoritative print publication that specializes in photography. In turn, a gift for a photographer friend in the form of an annual subscription to this magazine will give your loved one a constant source of inspiration.

ExpoImaging ROGUEGELS-U Gels

Looking for something non-standard and maybe even funny? If so, don't pass up ROGUEGELS-U, a set of 20 filters from Rogue Photographic Design that will help bring new colors to your photography.


Lensball is a crystal ball for ultra-wide angle photography. Note that this product comes in two form factors: Pocket (compact model) and Pro (for creating top-quality photos). 

Camera cleaning kit

If you're looking for practical but unique gifts for a photographer, this set is definitely a must-see. Instead of using improvised and not intended for fragile equipment, now your friend will be able to try a professional cleaning kit.

Light reflector kit

Looking for unique photography gifts? Then buy this win-win set of high-quality reflectors that will provide even lighting to your subject. Note that such presents for photographers will be useful even for those who already have such accessories.

Manual white balance filter

This easy-to-use JJC White Balance Filter is a good gift for photographer that will help him or her to change the white balance of the camera. Its compact size and lightweight make it easy to store and quick to use.

Camera lens tumbler

This stainless steel accessory is an excellent gift idea for photographer and protects the camera lens from liquid spills. With it, you can expand your specialization and start photographing in extreme conditions.


Finally, there is one more lens cleaning tool that will help keep them intact after years of use. Forget about wiping the lens with your sleeve - use a Lenspen for that! A special brush on one end and microfiber on the other make this device a real boon for photographers!

Christmas Gifts for Photographer

Polaroid Cube

Polaroid Cube is an action camera in a miniature cubic body. Thanks to the unusual design of the Cube, you can always take the camera with you, and the built-in magnet allows you to attach it to any metal surface, be it a bicycle frame or the hood of a car. The device captures 8MP photos or videos at up to 1440p resolution and connects to Wi-Fi. Also, note that the case has a splash and dustproof design.

ONA camera bag

This is not just a beautiful handcrafted camera bag - it is a true work of art. By the way, when you buy such a bag, you automatically donate $ 10 to emerging storytellers.

Pixelstick light painting tool

This is one of the best Christmas gifts for a photographer. It is a 1.8 m long aluminum rod encrusted with 198 LEDs that can light up in different colors. With the help of the camera with exposure compensation, the device allows the photographer to create a variety of patterns and shapes in the air. Pixelstick is equipped with a slot for an SD memory card and is capable of reading complex images created in graphic editors from a memory card and projecting them in space.

Neewer LED Ring Light kit

This ring light kit is not only reasonably affordable but also replaces professional hardware that costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars. In addition to the lighting tools, the kit also contains a stand and a Bluetooth receiver.

Remote shutter release

Despite the fact that this is one of the most budget-friendly photography presents ideas, this device will help automate the process of photographing and make it as fussy as possible. Perhaps this particular device will save your friend's nerves!

A Nifty Fifty

The 50mm lens embodies the angle of view of the human eye. Because of this characteristic, it has become the favorite lens of legendary photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson and Ralph Gibson. While most people think that these photography gadgets are only good for street photography and portraits, they can be great for other genres as well.

Gorilla tripod

The unique design of this tripod allows you to set it up anywhere, using anything as support. The legs of the tripod can be bent at almost any angle since they consist of hinges that rotate in different directions. They can be bent as you like, so you can place the tripod not only on a horizontal surface but also fix it by wrapping it around the support. 

Lens cap bundle

To finish our list of the best Christmas gifts for the photographer, take a look at the set of lens caps as well. Indeed, many photographers often lose their original caps, which makes it difficult to complete the workflow. To save your friends from similar situations, just give them such a bundle with holders. We assure you, it will definitely come in handy for them! 

Birthday Gifts for Photographer

Luminar Neo

It is a versatile tool for viewing, editing, and organizing your photos. Despite the fact that artificial intelligence does everything here automatically, using a slider, you can cancel or change a specific stage of processing at any time. Luminar AI is developed by Skylum to simplify image processing for photographers by automating the entire process through artificial intelligence. The program is not an updated version of Luminar, it is a completely new product.

Canon Selphy CP1300

Canon Selphy CP1300 is a portable photo printer for printing on sizes up to 100 × 148 mm. The main advantages of this model are its compactness and the ability to instantly print images anywhere. In addition to photo prints, the printer allows you to create labels.

Polaroid "Stranger Things Edition"

Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 is an instant camera that is the successor to the iconic Polaroid OneStep from the 70s. Like the original camera, OneStep 2 is a fully analog camera, compatible with both 600 Series cassettes and the new i-Type.


The DJI Mavic Air 2 is the second completely redesigned version of the legendary Mavic Air drone. Its high-tech potential will easily compete with the flagship models of the portable Mavic series. In our opinion, this is one of the best photography gifts for her or him.

Xiaomi Portable Photo Printer

Xiaomi Portable Photo Printer is a pocket-sized gadget for printing photos from smartphones and tablet computers. A beautiful landscape, a delicious dish, an interesting place - all this can be quickly saved in the memory of the photo printer. Up to three iOS and Android devices can be connected to the printer at the same time.

Fujifilm Instax Mini

The Instax Mini is a beloved camera that was released by Fujifilm in 2008. With its help, you can get photographs slightly larger than a credit card (54x86 mm). The device features automatic adjustment of flash output and exposure. The minimum focusing distance is 60 cm.

Underwater camera 

The underwater camera is a relatively new gadget designed to make shooting in water easier and more fun. For example, it would be the perfect gift for fishermen. On the other hand, this gadget can be quite expensive. Therefore, as an alternative, you can buy as a birthday gift for a photographer the underwater housing. This way you can use your old equipment underwater.


Polaroid instant cameras are still cult gadgets today. The first instant camera was released in 1948, but the pictures were in black and white. The camera acquired its familiar look with one-time square prints already in the 70s, and the peak of the popularity of these cameras came in the 80s. The cartridge of such a gadget contains photographic material or a combination of photographic materials and reagents, resulting in a finished paper photograph. Maybe is it your perfect birthday gift for photographer?


Every year, on the eve of the holidays, we start to google gifts or look for them in offline stores, remembering the once-mentioned desires of our loved ones. Fortunately, if your loved ones are into photography, you will have no problem finding gifts for them, whether it's a girl or a boy. After all, now you have our list at your fingertips!

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